Check out some of my Sample Presentations. These presentations provide a representation of the work I do with state, regional, and district audiences.

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Sample Presentations

Formative Assessment: According to Popham (2008), Formative assessment is a process used by teachers and students during instruction that provides feedback to adjust ongoing teaching and learning to improve students' achievement of intended instructional outcomes. This session will provide a brief overview of several informal formative assessment strategies that can support teachers as they make instructional decisions.

It's Sweet to Tweet: Twitter is a powerful tool for educators who want to keep up with the latest eduction news, resources, and tools. This hands-on session will help participants decipher tweets, navigate Twitter, and create a PLN through Twitter. All participants should go to to create a Twitter account before the session.

Just a Click Away: Online Tools to Enhance Instruction: The Internet is rich with hidden treasures that can transform classroom instruction if only educators had time to find them. Explore free tools to support inquiry-based instruction, conceptual understanding, cross-curricular connections, and collaboration at your convenience.

Using TPACK to Support Classroom Teachers: This training, designed for media specialists and instructional technology specialists, focuses on how to use TPACK and the Information and Technology Essential Standards to evaluate online tools to support K12 classroom teachers.

Inter-Rater Reliability: This 3-hour refresher session is designed for for experienced administrators to review the ratings, elements of a 21st century classroom, teacher coaching, and using the online tool with Inter-rater reliability.

Implement 21st Century Skills with Infographics: Infographics: Bring your laptop, and we will explore free tools to create compelling visual representations of data and research. We will also share ways for you and your students to use infographics to communicate ideas and enhance critical thinking skills.

The Paideia Seminar: This session will provide participants an opportunity to engage in a Paideia Seminar, learn the basics of The Paideia Method, view examples of Paideia in action, and work with their own curriculum to explore how The Paideia Method can enhance their classroom instruction.

Creating Integrated Units: These materials have been designed to support the development of high-quality, multidisciplinary integrated curriculum units from units designed using the Understanding by Design framework.

What is Global Awareness?: As our world becomes increasingly more interconnected, it is important for our students to engage with other nations and cultures. This session will provide administrators with a deep look at the P21 framework definition of global awareness and give examples of how it is integrated into the classroom.

Leadership and Learning in the 21st Century: This session will provide an opportunity for school and district leaders to self-assess and answer the questions, "What makes a great 21st century educational leader?"

Common Core State Standards for Literacy in History and Social Studies: This 2-hour session is designed as an introduction to the Common Core State Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies. (A similar presentation exists for Science.)

Coaching Marginal Teachers: Using a video of a teacher's lesson and the North Carolina Teacher Evaluation Tool, participants will learn best practices for reflective coaching. Activities will provide opportunities for developing pushing and probing questions that can be used during the coaching process.