Over the course of the past two years, LEAs have contacted me to create professional development to address concerns or needs they have identified. This page provides some examples of the professional development that I have conducted in three separate LEAs and the feedback I have received from district leaders. It is important to note that little quantitative data has been gathered at this point.

Alleghany County Schools:Essential Questions and Clear Learning Targets

Essential Questions and Clear Learning Targets

Chris Barnes, principal at Alleghany High School, has documented a significant increase in the quality of EQs at Alleghany High School from data collected in the school classroom walkthrough tool.

Click here to read a statement from Principal Barnes regarding the impact of the training.

Alexander County Schools: Understanding by Design Sessions

I have worked with small and large groups of teachers, instructional coaches, principals, and central office staff over the past two years as they have adopted the Understanding by Design process to create curriculum units. Their ultimate goal is to align curriculum both vertically and horizontally and build integrated units.

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Creating Integrated Curriculum Units

Click here to read a statement from Dr. Jennifer Hefner, Associate Superintendent.

Catawba County Schools: Formative Assessment

Cheryl Frye, Director of Secondary Education, and Leslie Barnette, Director of Elementary Education asked me to develop a "train-the-trainer" professional development offering on informal formative assessment strategies that can be used daily and seamlessly in instruction. I trained 54 Catawba County teacher leaders and instructional coaches to train each faculty in CCS.

Formative Assessment Strategies

Click here to access the feedback from participants in my session and in the sessions delivered by the CCS trainers.